We provide services of the highest quality and present you with professional and thoroughly motivated valuations, approached with strict confidentiality and objectivity.

Estate Valuations And Appraisals

Buying And Selling Of Property

Bond Valuations


About Us

Adval Valuation Centre is an established property valuation firm with experienced Professional Valuers performing valuations of fixed property across the whole property spectrum.

Adval Valuation Centre was founded on 1 March 1989. As a valuation group specialising in professional property valuations, Adval offers its clients the advantage of combined and ongoing valuation expertise in the property business.

what we’re offering

Our Professional services

We perform professional valuations of a wide range of fixed properties for the following purposes:

Estate Valuations/Appraisals


Buying And Selling Of Property

Rental Determination
Bond Valuations

Servitude Valuations

Arbitration Of Property Disputes
Property Rates And Taxes
Municipal Valuations/ Objections
Investment Decisions
Land Reform

Our Clients

Adval’s wide-ranging clientele includes:

  • Financial institutions
  • Government Departments
  • Parastatal institutions
  • Municipalities/ Local authorities
  • Legal practitioners
  • Public institutions
  • Developers
  • Private clients

Our Proud Partners


SAIV The South African Valuer covers all real estate valuation issues. Valuations are essential to those professionals, institutions, and property practitioners who are required to make informed decisions in relation to an asset class that has been growing in its importance in recent years as it becomes an increasingly sought-after private and global investment.

SACPVP sees itself in partnership with the State and the valuers profession to promote a high level of education and training of practitioners in the Property Valuers Profession so as to facilitate full recognition of professionalism in the valuers profession, both locally and abroad. It enjoys full autonomy – although it is accountable to the State, the profession and the public for the fair and transparent administration of its business in the pursuit of its goals.
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